How to Buy a Ski Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer

Ski Boats

It’s easier to be baffled with all the boat types and technical phrases if you’re a first-time buyer looking for a boat. Direct drive, fast sacks, v-drive, and wake tabs are some of the terms you’ll come across. Yes, at first the boat search will appear challenging and fruitless but if you’re wholehearted about watersports a great piece of advice is you’ll need to get a ski boat.

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What Is The Difference Between An ATV And A UTV?

ATVs and UTVs

In the event that you are not familiar with rough terrain vehicles, you won’t be able to recognize the two kinds of vehicles for the going off-road racing. These 2 autos are the off-road auto or the ATV and the energy auto or the UTV. For an individual who plans to partake in off-road adventures, it is good for you to comprehend when to make utilization of every one of them.

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Powered Paragliders

Flying High

Powered paragliding is one of the interesting ways to experience flying, and it can also be viewed as a sport to some people. Naturally, it can be described as a self-contained, lightweight aircraft, easy to operate and enjoyable. Powered paragliders offer bold actions that are breathtaking and full of fun. When the aircraft is not in use, it can be packed in a backpack. This makes it easy to transport.…

How Does A Hang Glider Stay In The Air?

Get Some Air

Mankind’s desire to fly stretches all the way back to several hundred years BC, and the journey to where we are today was not easy. Thousands of failed projects and ideas have led us to finally creating machines that allow us to stay in the air without crashing back down to earth. One of them is a hang glider.…

How A Hovercraft Works


Hovercraft is an Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV) which is capable of traveling 0n land, water, mud, and ice. Sir Christopher Cockerell invented the hovercraft vehicle in 1955 and in 1959 the first hovercraft S.N1 floated. Hovercrafts are very popular among military people because these hybrid vessels can take 60-65 tonnes of the load which helps to transport troops, tanks, and military supplies and they can access areas which other vehicles cannot. These are driven by the pilot as an aircraft rather than by a captain as a marine vessel.…

Amphibious Cars And How They Work?

What is an Amphibious car?

Those cars which can be operated on both land and water are called amphibious cars. Amphicar 770 was the world’s first commercial amphibious car build by Hans Tripple in 1961 which cruises through the land at 7.5mph or water at 6.5 knots (7.5mph).

The amphibious vehicle name Python from the company Watercar holds the Guinness world record of the fastest amphibious vehicle which has a top speed of 125mph on land and water speed of 60mph; 52knots.…

The Mystery Citroen

The ‘Mystery Citroen’mcit

An amphibious car of real historical and engineering importance.

Rescued from a field in North Wales, this vehicle had been completely stripped of almost every working component other than partial running gear and remnants of a hydropneumatic suspension system from a Citroen ‘DS’.

Unfortunately, the removed parts were lost. It is believed to be the only ever incorporation of this unique suspension system into an amphibian. It would have been used to achieve a high ground clearance when on land and a wheel retracting wheel system when on the water for greater speed.…



Scuba divers and snorkelers know the difficulties that are in deep seas. The pressure of water in especially deep below the surface is six times higher than the pressure at the surface. Submarines are undersea vessels that are designed to host people and other things below the water surface in deep seas. Subs are mostly used by marine soldiers for security purposes. Aquatic life is also very important where scientific research is done. Therefore submarines are also used as research vessels by scientists to carry studies under water.…

Wernicke AirCar

The ‘Wernicke Flying Car’

FLYING CARS – the dream of any driver stuck in a traffic jam and all sane pilots facing a dark and lowering sky.


Wacky inventors by the crate load have tried to design them, a few have actually built them and some have died trying to fly them. Yet despite all our modern technology, the production of a practical, safe and affordable flying car is still remote.


The main challenge is that almost everything you want in a road vehicle is the exact opposite to that required for a successful airplane.…

The Amazing Hoverhawk HA5


 Production of these hovercaft commenced in 1967 by Hover Air in Peterborough UK on what was thefirst ever mass produced commercial two-seat hovercraft. of its time, they came complete with futuristic gull wing doors, two rotary engines for thrust and another for lift. This combination together with the twin rudders made for one of the most manoeuvrable hovercraft ever built, even by today’s standards.

hoverhawkA total of 121 Hoverhawks were produced between 1967 and 1971, making this a large production run for something of such a unique ability.…