The Croco – Ugly But Gifted

Pretty she ain’t but the amazingly gifted she is, the Croco amphibious vehicle will climb mountains and boulders where no other vehicle can go, before fording a lake, with or without the optional propeller. So much so that the Swiss Army had a batch of these made to order from Germany in the 1980’s.

These highly unusual vehicles are actually split in two. They have a back and a front section (tub) which although attached, can rotate independently in the vertical plane, via a huge fixed roller bearing in the centre.…

The Yellow Submarine

The ‘Yellow Submarine’yellowsub

A huge favourite and inspiration for kids of all ages!

We were lucky enough to obtain this vehicle from a public events company in Sussex, who had built it as a spatial disorientation vehicle for team building games. At just over 5 metres long, this is one of our most portable and entertaining exhibits. In great demand for both internal and external functions and educational experiences of all kinds.


Originally a submersible side scanning sonar towed behind a Royal Naval Frigate, the events company turned it upside down and added the conning tower, back axle from a Suzuki van, front wheel steering from a Land Rover and the front wheel from a Mini.…

Dutton Commander

The ‘Dutton Commander’. A 4 wheel drive amphibious car, fully road legal and made in 2002.

Produced at the Dutton factory, Littlehampton in the UK, Tim Dutton continues to be either the only civil manufacturer of road legal amphibious cars or one of the very few. This highly driven and amazingly creative engineer simply keeps going as other try and fail.

Tim commenced producing custom cars in 1969, rapidly cornering a large part of the kit car market, where his huge creative drive and dreams led him to design and produce over 22 different models as well as designing many special vehicles for others.…