What Makes A JetSki Work And Go So Fast?

Water Sport

If you are a water sports enthusiast, then you definitely know a JetSki. If not, you probably have come across one. In brief, a JetSki is a motorized watercraft specifically designed for speed. JetSki is a trademark manufactured by a Japanese company that goes by the name of Kawasaki.

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This recreational watercraft machine is a popular water sports machine that holds two or more people. Essentially, Jet Skis are characteristically small, fast and easy to handle watercraft. Though many people prefer to use them for recreational purposes, police and lifeguards use them for non-recreational purposes that include conducting rescue operations along coastlines and law enforcement. Some of them come fitted with GPS to help in navigating Navy for navigational purposes.

jet ski

One of the outstanding features associated with the JeSKi is speed. As such, people often wonder, what makes a JetSki work and go so fast? A JetSki is not a normal boat because of its source of power. A JetSki moves along the water surface squirting water from its high-powered jet behind. This power pushes the JetSki forward to make it propel at remarkable speeds.


The JetSki operates based on three principles as defined by Isaac Newton. These principles are; things will always stay still until a force pushes or pulls them. Secondly, the introduction of a force against an object makes it increase speed or slow down. The more the force, the faster the object speeds up or slows down. Thirdly, when a force acts against an object, an equal amount of force operates in the opposite direction. These principles paint a clear picture of how the JetSki works.


The action and reaction principle fundamentally explains how the JetSki starts and picks up speed. A JetSki has a small pump that has a rotating part referred to as the impeller. After cranking up the throttle, the JetSki responds by allowing the pump to suck water through an opening underneath called the grate. In effect, the impeller blasts out the water through a hole located at the back. The force generated is responsible for pushing the JetSki backward and propelling the JetSki forward using a counter-reaction force.

jet ski

A JetSki tends to exit using high speed because of its weight. Applying the law of physics called the conservation of momentum, the JetSki fires back and using an equal force, it picks momentum thrusting forward. As a result, it exists at a very high speed. This is the reason why a JetSki has powerful engines.


In summary, a Jet Ski’s engine powers the water pump alongside the impeller. The impeller, on the other hand, propels as it sucks water from one end of the pipe blowing it out. The impeller also helps in cooling off the engine using the water sucked into the JetSki. Because of the smaller quantity of water exiting from the nozzle at the rear, the JetSki generates necessary momentum and picks up speed. Just like a motorcycle, a JetSki has handlebars at the front used in steering it to the right or to the left. The handles work best when the JetSki is doing high speeds.

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