The Amazing Hoverhawk HA5


 Production of these hovercaft commenced in 1967 by Hover Air in Peterborough UK on what was thefirst ever mass produced commercial two-seat hovercraft. of its time, they came complete with futuristic gull wing doors, two rotary engines for thrust and another for lift. This combination together with the twin rudders made for one of the most manoeuvrable hovercraft ever built, even by today’s standards.

hoverhawkA total of 121 Hoverhawks were produced between 1967 and 1971, making this a large production run for something of such a unique ability.…

The Croco – Ugly But Gifted

Pretty she ain’t but the amazingly gifted she is, the Croco amphibious vehicle will climb mountains and boulders where no other vehicle can go, before fording a lake, with or without the optional propeller. So much so that the Swiss Army had a batch of these made to order from Germany in the 1980’s.

These highly unusual vehicles are actually split in two. They have a back and a front section (tub) which although attached, can rotate independently in the vertical plane, via a huge fixed roller bearing in the centre.…